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Digital Creator/ Designer
USD 13.00 - 15.00

This postion is contact. It is a work from home postion. It is best if you have a tablet or computer. Job Details: You will create completed designs for our brand on canva or another app. We will have a min. number of designs that are required weekly or bi weekly. You can choose to be paid per design collection or hourly. If you choose per design collection, this mean you will be paid 1 time for the collection (example: girls set + boys set). On avergae it takes us around 15 minutes to complete a design. Per design pay is $15.00 The hourly postion will be given a set amount of hours to create a set amount of completed designs.  You will be paid weekly via paypal. This is a 1099 Contact. You will also be tasked with creatinging tamplets for sales, sizing charts, etc. You will be given all the tools, apps, material listings, styles, and colors to create these designs. IF YOU TURN IN A DESIGN THAT IS STOLEN FROM ANOTHER COMPANY YOU WILL BE LET GO WITH LITTLE TO NO NOTICE AND NOT PAID FOR THAT DESIGN. Please be creative while designing. We have a list of designs currently that are needing to be completed. A paid quick training course or video will be provided. 

The designs that you make will be for MSC only. These designs can not be shared, re-sold, recreated, copied, etc for another company. We will have a simple contract that you will e-sign when hired. 

Please Apply Here:https://mississippismockco.com/pages/digital-creator-designer


Online Slaes Rep:

USD 10 - 14

This is a remote work from home postion. We are looking for a full time and part time employee. The hours will range from 5-35 hr's weekly. Job Duties: Posting listings on BST pages, Posting new inventory to the website, answering customers questions like sizing, material, etc. , posting in our VIP group, sending invoices via shopify, promoting items and sales. Paid training will be done via zoom/ phone call. This is a 1099 Contract position. You will be paid on the 1st and 15th of every month, by paypal. This position will require some weekends, holidays, and evenings. 

Please Apply Here:https://mississippismockco.com/pages/online-sales-rep